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  A.Schulman functional masterbatch  PP masterbatch
Founded in 1928, A.Schulman is headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with 3,000 employees worldwide. It has 30 production plants and offices in South America, North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. A.Schulman is a US listed company on the NASDAQ market.
A.Schulman is a well-known global supplier of world-leading masterbatches, high-performance plastic compounds, resins and thermoplastic elastomers. With more than 20,000 customers in 50 countries, A.Schulman has become synonymous with “professional competence” and “quality service” for them.
In 2004, A.Schulman established the first modern factory in China to produce masterbatch and engineering plastics. The factory has modern laboratories and professional research and development teams. In April 2016, A.Schulman set up a new factory in Changshu, Suzhou, and purchased three world-class masterbatch production lines. The increase in production capacity has made the color masterbatch stable in the supply of non-woven fabrics, straw, injection molding and other fields.
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Antiblock ABPP 05 5%AB General purpose Antiblock for homo PP
Slip SEPR 6 6%Slip       Slip in PP Homo
SEPR 20 SP 20%        Soft touch masterbatch for Non Woven process
Combination ABER 11 ACH 5%AB,5%Slip       Combination slip and anti-block in Homo PP
Super Slip IL2582 SC 10%Slip       Super Slip grades in random copolymer
Antistatic ASPA2446WOB DC 25%       Standard Antistatic based PP,thermal stability to 280℃
Antiblock AB 5 5%AB       Antiblock based PE, excellent optical properties
AB 108         Antiblock based PE, excellent optical performance, suitable for products 
      with strict opening requirements
F 15 15%AB       Slip masterbatch based PE
Slip CE 505 E 5%Slip       Slip masterbatch based PE
Combination FSU 105 E 10%AB,5%Slip       Slip and antiblock masterbatch based PE
FSU 1010 E         Slip and antiblock masterbatch based PE
FSU 1163         slip and antiblock with heat stability up to 340℃
PPA AMF 705 HF 5%PPA       PPA for LLDPE & HDPE max 230℃
AMF 703 AP 3%PPA       PPA with improved performance
Antistatic VLA 55         Antistatic with slip properties based PE, FDA=10%
Antifog AF 1088         Based PE, excellent cold and heat antifog performance for food contact
Cleaning Compound KC 60         Cleaning compound for PE cast film
White MB 8000 CN 70%       70% fine dispersion TiO2 based PE
8001 T 70%       70% economical grade TiO2 based PE
NG 8600 60%       60% fine dispersion TiO2 in PE, low die build up
Black MB PBK 1423 40%       Black masterbatch with P type carbon black, excellent UV resistance,
      suitable for agricultural film
Breathable BTF 152         Breathable Masterbtach and Compound for Cast Process for Cast Process
BTF 999         Breathable Masterbtach and Compound for Cast Process for Blown Process
Matt DUL 3636 DP 21         Matt compound for PE
Clarity MB CLR 122         Clarity improvement for PE, also to improve moisture and oxygen transfer rate
Preservative MB POLYFRESH EA         Absorbs small molecules and some bad odors
Filling MB LCC 70         Matte effect, fast heat sealing, better bubble stability
Papermatch PMX         With the appearance and feel of paper, based on PE/PP, direct contact
      with food, easy to print
Insulation MB IR 1515 ES         Traditional insulation masterbatch, reduce the temperature difference
      and save heat in the shed
Light scattering LDC 80         Light scattering masterbatch, avoid crop burns, reduce shadow effect
Anti-dust AD 20         New anti-dust masterbatch to prevent dust adhesion and reduce
      cleaning requirements
Antioxidant AO 25(S)         Antioxidant for PE max. 280℃, AO 25S max 320℃