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'kuraray' has developed world-class products in many fields such as functional resins, special chemical compounds, synthetic fibers, and artificial leather, based on its high-tech technologies such as polymer, organic synthetic chemistry, and precision processing.
Multi-layer coextrusion is the development trend of packaging materials in the future. ‘kuraray’ high gas barrier resin EVOH can block oxygen to prevent deterioration of content items. Therefore, it is widely used in packaging materials for dairy products, mayonnaise, ketchup and other foods. In addition, this product has also been applied to plastic fuel tanks, which has played a positive role in preventing the leakage of volatile gasoline and the weight reduction of automobiles. In the field of construction, it is used to replace metal floor heating pipes, and the demand in fields other than food packaging is gradually expanding

Product Ethylene mole fraction


Melt Index

Melting point Oxygen permeability


F171B 32 1.19 1.6 183 0.4 Bottle, sheet, film, hose
H171B 38 1.17 1.7 172 0.7 Bottle, sheet, film, hose
E105B 44 1.14 5.7 165 1.5 Sheet, film, hose
EP105B 44 1.14 5.5 165 1.5 Floor heating pipe
J171B 32 1.18 1.7 183 0.4 Thermoforming(film, sheet)